The world’s first protective case for the iPhone 5/5S/6, which holds your favorite authentic perfume.
  • Easy to use
  • Includes 20ml of perfume
  • Rechargeable
You always keep on hand 20 ml of the authentic favorite perfume. Every girl dreams about such device.
It is indispensable device for people who want to emphasize their individuality, AromaCase allow impress at the moment when it is really necessary.
AromaCase - would be the best gift for your sweetheart.
Given the life rhythm of modern cities, AromaCase is very useful and convenient device.


AromaCase is made of high-durable materials, reliably protects your iPhone from damage and very easy in use.

The case consists of two main parts, which are held together by special reliable fastening:

  • The upper part, on which the button to activate the perfume sprayer is located (the button is locked by a special jack that prevents unwanted pressing).
  • The lower part is where the cartridge with the perfume located.

To replace the cartridges, you need just to pull the parts of the case in the opposite sides and after that easily get the old cartridge from the lower part and insert the new one.

The new cartridges with your favorite authentic perfume can be ordered on this website or with a special application on your iPhone soon.


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